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Image of A modern short course in engineering electromagnetics


A modern short course in engineering electromagnetics

Hoole, S. Ratnajeevan H - Nama Orang;

This unique text serves two key needs in the current teaching of engineering electromagnetics in undergraduate electrical engineering curricula. First, in response to the ever expanding scope of the field, it presents the basics in a concise form, and can be used to teach students the fundamentals in one semester, enabling them to pursue other areas of interest and specialization. These basic concepts will prepare students to read and absorb new material with full understanding, throughout their professional lives. Secondly, unlike other texts serving this course market, the book introduces the use of computer-based numerical methods of electromagnetic field analysis, which today are essential for a thorough knowledge of the subject. These new computer methods are extremely powerful problem solvers. Yet, while most universities require a course in programming for their electrical engineering students, most never really benefit from the experience of using this training in upper level courses. The approach presented here makes full use of this background, opening up new insights and vistas in electromagnetics. A disk with programs for actual applications is included with each book, and problems are available at the end of each chapter. Numerous illustrations graphically depict the concepts discussed, including images of fields. This is a truly unique text for a popular course.


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Judul Seri -
No. Panggil 621.3 HOO a
Penerbit Oxford, Oxford University Press,
Deskripsi Fisik xxiv, 548 hal. ; ind.; ill.; 25 cm
Bahasa English
ISBN/ISSN 0-19-507856-X
Klasifikasi 621.3
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Tipe Media -
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Edisi -
Info Detail Spesifik Indeks: Hal 545
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