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International financial management

Hodrick, Robert J. - Nama Orang; Bekaert, Geert - Nama Orang;

International Financial Management blends theory, the analysis of data, examples, and practical situations to allow students to truly understand not only what to do when confronted with an international financial decision but why that decision is the correct one. When we explore international financial markets, we do so with an eye on risk management. We thereby incorporate practical considerations into what other textbooks take as background theory or institutional detail. For, example, when we introduce the forward market, we show how forward contracts are uses to hedge currency risk. When we discuss fluctuations in real exchange rates, we first quantify the variability o freal exchange rates and then demonstrate how to evaluate the performance of a foreign subsidiary in this real-]world environment.


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No. Panggil 658.15 BEK i
Penerbit New Jersey, Prentice Hall,
Deskripsi Fisik xxvii, 810 hal.; bibl.; ind.; ill.; 29 cm
Bahasa English
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-13-605490-0
Klasifikasi 658.15
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Info Detail Spesifik Bibliography: p. 781 Glossary: p. 783-796 Index: p. 797-810
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